Our Machines

Carbon M2

Used for large production runs (189 x 118 x 326 mm  |  7.44 x 4.65 x 12.83 in)
The Carbon M2 is recognized as a game changer and brings the reality of mass production to manufacturers. Using Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), it is more than 30 times faster than comparable SLS or SLA machines, and is our choice for large production jobs.

3DP 3000 Series

Used for large prints (1000 x 1000 x 700 mm  |  39.37 x 39.37 x 27.56 in)
The 3D Platform Series 3000 is our largest print volume 3D printer with a build size of 1 meter x 1 meter x 3/4 meter. It uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology and uses a broad range of materials for our large sized project requests.

Ultimaker 3 Extended

Particularly accurate on circles (215 x 215 x 300 mm  |  8.46 x 8.46 x 11.81 in)
The Ultimaker 3 Extended is an excellent choice for smaller fused filament fabrication (FFF) projects. It excels at round features, and gives smooth consistent results print after print. The dual heads make it ideal for mixed material projects.

FormLabs Form 2

Excellent for prototyping (145 × 145 × 175 mm  |  5.71 x 5.71 x 6.89 in)
The FormLabs Form 2 is an economical prototyping machine with a range of materials including standard, tough, durable, and flexible materials. Great for pilot runs and quick turn prototyping for fit and finish. This printer gives excellent results.

Lulzbot TAZ 6

Everyday Versatility (280 x 280 x 250 mm | 11.02 x 11.02 x 9.80 in)
The LulzBot TAZ 6 is reliable and easy to use, featuring innovative self-leveling, self-cleaning, and a modular tool head design for flexible and multi-material upgrades. With proven 3D printing technology and one of the largest print volumes in its class, the LulzBot TAZ 6 is ready to work.

Prusa i3 MK3S

All-Around Workhorse (250 x 210 x 210 mm | 9.84 x 8.27 x 8.27 in)
Award-winning value and precision combine in what is widely considered the best consumer printer ever designed. With multiple Prusa machines in our inventor, our capability to create high-quality filament prints at any time is a foundation of our business.